Installation Sites

  • Peking Union Medical College Hospital(PUMCH)

    Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) is a Class A tertiary comprehensive hospital committed to delivering state-of-the-art clinical care, innovative scientific research and rigorous medical education. PUMCH has topped “China’s Hospital Rankings” for 11 years. There are two SinoVision CT scanners—InsitumCT 768 in PUMCH, one in No. 5 CT Room and the other in the Fever Clinic. The latter is mainly for the screening and diagnosing of COVID-19. The former in No. 5 CT room makes routine examinations with a daily throughput of over 200 patients. The majority are large area scan of the thorax and whole abdomen. 

  • Yongping County People's Hospital

    Yongping County People's Hospital in Dali Prefecture was founded in 1951. It is the medical first aid teaching and scientific research center in the county and the counterpart-assistance hospital of Jinshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University. SinoVision Insitum 64 CT completes medical examination on about 80 patients in the hospital every day.

    In addition to routine clinical plain scanning, the daily medical examinations also include enhancement scanning on CT angiography examination, which improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of the hospital and avoid transfer to other places in the case of serious diseases.

  • Daming County hospital

    Daming County People's Hospital was founded in July 1947. It is located at the junction of Hebei, Shandong and Henan. The hospital is the only county-level general hospital and Grade 2A hospital in Daming County.

    SinoVision Insitum 16 CT of precise wide angle, large aperture and large load-bearing bed provides the necessary conditions for the hospital to carry out imitative positioning of tumor radiotherapy, CT-guided puncture biopsy (mostly in the lung) and re-examination of cancer patients. Averagely 5 to 30 patients are examined every day.

  • Chongqing Great Wall Hospital

    The predecessor of Chongqing Great Wall Hospital is the Affiliated Hospital of University of Logistics, and now it is a grade-A joint-stock hospital of second class, with more than 500 open beds. The hospital is large-special and small-general and majors in orthopedics.

    SinoVision Insitum 32 CT completes medical examination on about 60 people every day. This CT equipment carries out enhanced and vascular CTA examinations, single emergency large-scale full body scanning, and embedded 3D advanced applications in the hospital to help doctors to quickly and intuitively meet the needs of labor.

  • Ordos Maternity Hospital(Ordos Physical Examination Center)

    Ordos Maternity Hospital is a non-profit medical institution that provides high-quality diagnosis and treatment and health care services to women and children. It is one of the largest and highest-level professional health care institutions in the category of material and child hygiene in Ordos City.

    The hospital is also a designated medical insurance hospital in the city and district, a trustworthy cooperative unit of Tianjiao citizen card, and a designated medical institution of new rural pastoral cooperative medical treatment. The hospital has in batches purchased two sets of SinoVision CT, Insitum32 and Insitum64S, each of the devices averagely examines about 100 people and at most about 180 people every day, which greatly improves the daily reception capacity of the hospital in physical examination.

  • Chengdu Kangyuan Physical Examination Center

    Chengdu Kangyuan Physical Examination Center is the largest medical examination center in Chengdu and responsible for personnel medical screening of a lot of state-owned enterprises and large private enterprises.

    SinoVision Insitum 16 CT can complete examination on 150 people every day at most. The main scanning sites include chest, head and neck.

  • Fuyang No.6 People's Hospital

    Fuyang No.6 People's Hospital (Fuyang Maternity and Child Care Center) is a grade III, class A hospital. As the main equipment type in CT room of the hospital, SinoVision Insitum 16 CT completes 80% of the total examinations every day and examines 80 to 140 people.

    The CT has been used in outpatient department, emergency treatment and inpatient examination for many years. The one-key positioning function greatly saves the scanning time and meets the high flow demand of patients.