RIS System

Carding and optimize the workflow, as well as customized patient schedule, register, queuing and calling system and Patients self-help film print center according to the hospital actual situation.

Adopting the HL7 standard,seamless joint with HIS/PACS system and integrated into the hospital network system.

Promote efficiency of hospital operation and management by providing the paperless, no film information management system.

Seamlessly connect with SinoVision Cloud imaging platform and Cloud diagnosis platform.

It can provide customized system from the simple structure of register -filming to multi scan room, multi hospitals health alliance.

Interconnection and interworking with any company HIS/PACS system.

Imaging equipment acquired the sufficient human body information,but these value has not been fully taken advantage of. The rapid development of digital imaging, advanced clinical analysis software architecture and internet technology create huge opportunities for imaging diagnosis.

The image-based treatment planning system and curative effect evaluation system is becoming important part of imaging diagnosis,as well as important driving force of “Precision Medical”.